A Cozy Sushi Lunch at Memories of Japan

Every other week my friend and I have a Memories of Japan lunch, and yesterday was one of them.  When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you see is a couple of sushi chefs working behind the bar.  The rest of the restaurant has a very warm and cozy atmosphere.

Tuna Crunch and Cucumber Rolls

As usual, we were promptly taken care of by the friendly wait staff. I now go there for the Tuna Crunch Rolls, a regular order for me that I got again this time around. I never knew the true joy of having ‘crunch’ in rolls until I tried the crunch rolls at Memories of Japan. They are so incredibly crunchy that I now crave them, and they can’t be had as leftovers because that wonderfully crunchy texture is lost. The sushi fish is always fresh at Memories of Japan, too, and the only minor complaint I have about the sushi is that, for some weird reason, the cucumbers in their rolls are limp instead of crisp.

Vegetable Tempura Lunch

My friend had the tempura lunch, which came as a pretty stack of fried veggies with a side of tempura sauce and steamed rice topped with sesame seeds. I’ve had the tempura here, too, and have always enjoyed it.  The tempura batter is always crisp, the vegetables are never overcooked, and the tempura sauce is flavorful.  It’s a yummy little place that I always look forward to going back to.

Memories of Japan is located at 2409 W Kenosha St #133, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.