It’s All About the Brisket Tacos at Mi Cocina!

While cruising down Cherry Street with thoughts of dinner, I decided to pull out my trusty iphone and fire up the Urbanspoon App to see what was near. The restaurant “Mi Cocina” was top of the list and coincidentally as soon as I looked up I noticed the sign for the restaurant. Awesome! After a little creative maneuvering around parking lots by my wife, Christine, we ended up at this new restaurant which made it’s appearance on Cherry Street a mere two weeks ago.

Guacamole "Mexicano"
Guacamole “Mexicano”

This Friday afternoon the patio was full of people appreciating the sunny but surprisingly cool weather. We walked in and noticed the decor was upscale and contemporary unlike what you would imagine with a traditional Mexican Restaurant. The Hostess sat us down and immediately set our hopes high as she proclaimed that everything is made fresh and their freezer is smaller than a bread box. We decided to start with the Guacamole “Mexicano” ($6.95). I think you can tell a lot about a Mexican restaurant by their guacamole. The guacamole was indeed exceptionally fresh with large chucks of avacado; however, it seemed to be lacking any salt or flavor. Luckily the lime accompaniment was nearby and a pinch of salt did just the trick.

Tacos "De Brisket"
Tacos “De Brisket”

After asking for recommendations from the waiter, I decided to go for the Tacos “De Brisket” ($12.95) which consists of shredded brisket, queso blanco, arroz, ensalada, and sliced avocado. The showstopper for this dish was the tender brisket which had every bit of juicy tenderness you would expect from an overnight roasting. The arroz was a green rice that was more fresh and flavorful than any rice I have had at a Mexican restaurant in a long time.

Tacos "De Camaron"
Tacos “De Camaron”

Christine ordered the Tacos “De Camaron” ($14.95) which are described as chile-lime seasoned shrimp served with cole slaw mexicana in corn tortillas, ensalada de aguacate and arroz. The big plump shrimp appeared to be seasoned well but were lacking salt, and again any flavor. The pickled slaw was a nice touch and Christine, who typically doesn’t enjoy rice, enjoyed the arroz as much as I did. However, she mentioned she wished she ordered the brisket tacos as her meal lacked punch.

Christine’s euphemism on Mi Cocina? “Well I wouldn’t say it’s Tex-Mex, I’d say it’s American-Mex”. Ok, honey. Regardless, Cherry Street can always use some fresh fare, they make a delicious mojito, the service was excellent and the location is convienent for us so we will probably be back for another try.

Mi Cocina is located on Cherry Street at 1342 E 15th St.