Roppongi Ramen: A Little Setting with a Lot of Heart

Roppongi Ramen

Roppongi ramen restaurant sits in the little corner lot that used to house LaSalle’s New Orleans, and for a new restaurant, the seats are filling up quite swiftly. There was a line at the register, a few seats taken inside, and a packed table outside when we walked in on Saturday night.  As far as Saturday night goes, it was a good choice for short waiting time.

The dining area is snug and cute, with sweet little characters painted on the walls and even Hello Kitty soy sauce bottles.


Like Elote, which we visited last week, Roppongi offers a variety of vegetarian and free-range chicken dishes, which was refreshing to see on the menu. They also have some very interesting flavors, including a “miso-garlic bomb” and a “coconut bomb,” and some yummy boba tea options. We started with a blackberry boba tea, which was as delicious as it sounds.

Boba Tea

My daughter and her friend both ordered the pork ramen, an all-natural pork belly served in shoyu broth with marinated shiitake mushrooms, a soft-cooked free range egg, and scallions. The pork was tender, the broth flavorful, and the mushrooms must have been marinated for the perfect amount of time because in her dish, as well as mine, the mushrooms were bursting with flavor.

Pork Ramen

I ordered the Tofu Spring Rolls, which come filled with tofu and veggies including daikon, carrots, and kale as an appetizer. I ordered the Miso Ramen as my main dish, which is cooked in a vegetable broth with that amazing sounding “miso-garlic bomb” that I mentioned, corn, free-range egg, marinated mushrooms, cabbage and seaweed.

I have to say that the most surprising thing about my dish was how delicious the cabbage was.  It turned out to have the perfect amount of crunch and it also soaked up a lot of those delicious flavors. The whole thing was pretty amazing.

Miso Ramen

There was one guy cooking and one guy taking orders as well as doing all of the waitressing, so we did end up waiting for a short while while we watched bowl after bowl being brought outside. We also received our spring rolls after our soups, but that was all fine because they were working like mad to please everyone and the food was delicious!

The spring rolls were full of fresh, crispy veggies and the accompanying peanut sauce had a bit of a kick that made it delectable.

Tofu Spring Rolls

You could tell the the employees put everything into their work because they worked extremely hard to please everyone during the rush, and you could tell from the taste that they put a lot of heart into their food.  Definitely recommended.

Head on over to Tulsa’s Deco District of you want to try Roppongi for yourself. It is located at 601 S Boston Ave Tulsa, OK 74103.